Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A match made in heaven.

From the people who bring you the Onion- the Onion AV club's taste testing section featuring, well-- just about the things that i would probably buy, look at or gross my friends out with. The Onion AV Club Taste Test section satisfies my darkest foodie desires-- semi edible gross packaged food with a focus on bacon/pig themed items from all over the world being forced upon friends and neighbors in a the hopes for a good story. Not only does it feature reviews of items like canned bacon, Pizza flavored beer, "Snack Impostors" and tons of crazy Asian inspired wacky beverages and foodstuffs, but a personal favorite of mine, batter blaster aerosol pancake/waffle batter.

Yes- the forgetful chef does love a really fancy meal here and there, but lets just say that my love of all food is multi faceted- a little light and a little dark, with a hint of humor and the seriousness of a french chef all rolled into one.

You out there- bloggers and friends- you don't know me very well yet- but let me tell you this... This blog was made for me, it is like the funner and grosser version of mcsweeneys, and it is possibly written by some sort of doppelganger forgetful chef-- designed to either destroy or partner up with me to create the most perfect and terrifying union ever known to man.

More than half of the items in here are items I've brought home to confused room mates, tortured boyfriends and forced friends and siblings to share in the gross excitement of some sort of oddly flavored candy or treat. Because of my "real job" and my foodie nature- i can't seem to resist these odd food sensations- be it good or bad. Food is necessary. Unlike expensive shoes, clothes, cars, or electronics- we actually need food to survive. Be it luxury or trashy or odd, i never feel the guilt of buyers remorse when i buy food.

I challenge you all this week to get a friend go to your local ethnic foods market and try something weird together. You don't have to like it- but you gotta try it. Hey- you may even love it, or at least you'll get a good story out of it.

Cucumber flavored Pepsi??!? Get me some!
Bacon Flavored Mayonnaise? We're making loaded potato salad tonight.
Tomato Vodka? Pass the Bloody Marys please!
Chocolate covered dried shrimp? Perfect for PMS because of the salty sweet combo.

I think Andrew Zimmern would be proud.

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