Wednesday, March 11, 2009

thin mints

One of the best things about working where i work is that i have constant access to really interesting food stuffs. BUT only once a year, Girl Scout Cookies make their way into my kitchen.

this year- i have a glut of thin mints, and i want to do something with them. What do you think i should make? got any suggestions?

Chocolate silk pie with a thin mint crust?
mini ice cream sandwiches made with thin mints?
thin mint coated cheese ball?
mint chess pie with thin mint topping?
some sort of tiramisu?

I've cured my itch for girl scout cookies.. now i've got to do something about this cooking rash.


  1. They freeze perfectly. Stock them away for the fall, when you find yourself wishing they sold Girl Scout cookies year-round.

  2. Thanks mary! you better believe i will! nothing better than an ice cold thin mint on a hot richmond afternoon.